the littoral zone

beach, waves and footprints in the sand

a drifter’s cache of writing and art





The littoral zone is where land meets water—where exotic travellers, animate and inanimate, wash ashore like postcards from far away. Or where those not paying attention to the waves may find themselves swept away to another world. People come to the littoral zone to find the surprises of last night’s tide—hold them up to the light and ponder the journey that took them to this place, this hand.
West coast artists and writers take inspiration from the constant ebb and flow of the ocean—both its bounty and its deadly potential. 30 years ago Joanna Streetly drifted to Tofino. Now the town’s inaugural poet laureate, she lives just inches above the water, in a small floating house moored in the Tofino harbour. As an author and illustrator, she is inspired daily by her findings in the littoral zone.




Paddling In The Wind





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