Latest news: Kudos for “In This Together” and more…

Earlier in 2016, my work was published by Brindle and Glass in Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail’s anthology In This Together: 15 true stories of real reconciliation. The attention the book has received has been terrific: it has reached Number 7 in the National Post’s domestic best seller list and it is among the top five books rated by The 49th Shelf, a compilation of Indie Seller Faves selected by Gail Anderson-Dargaatz. It has  has been the subject of summer reading groups and has received great reviews from across the country.

The anthology features essays by Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers from across Canada. It also has an afterword that is a conversation between Chief Justice Murray Sinclair and renowned CBC radio host Shelagh Rogers. Sinclair says one of the most common statements the commission heard was: “I didn’t know any of this, and I acknowledge that things are not where they should be, and that we can do better. But what can we do? What should we do?” This collection is a response to what we can do.

THIS FALL, my creative non-fiction essay, The Brightness and Darkness of Lucifer, will be published by the Malahat Review.



In August I was thrilled to be added to the Canada Writes Creative Non Fiction Prize longlist for my essay The Brightness and Darkness of Lucifer: Canada Writes Longlist

And in July 2015, Hakai Magazine published my essay Echoes of Lives Lost on Haida Gwaii



After years of publishing mostly fiction and non-fiction, I’m pleased to present This Dark, a volume of westcoast haiku, illustrated by Marion Syme and published by Postelsia Press – a micropress producing only niche-market west coast books.

Read about the book in this lovely interview
And listen to my CBC discussion here:

The poems reflect seasonal moments inspired by our rainforest world and follow the passage of a coastal year.  Marion Syme has created the beautiful lino-cuts, in keeping with the haiku style, adding a new dimension to the reader’s perception of each poem.

For any readers outside of Tofino who wish to order the book, visit

–Joanna Streetly