Praise for Wild Fierce Life

My 2018 memoir Wild Fierce Life debuted on the BC Bestseller List. It was previously listed on 49th Shelf’s Spring 2018 Most Anticipated list and has subsequently been noted in these terrific reviews:

“With its gorgeous prose and adept storytelling, Wild Fierce Life captures life on the outer coast in a way that few recent titles have managed — and celebrates how this life can test the limits of who we are and how we understand the world around us.
A must-read for all the adventurers among us, armchair and otherwise.”
—Tara Henley, The Vancouver Sun

Read more of this feature on female adventurers in the weekend edition of the Toronto Star:

One of the essays was also reviewed in the Toronto Star here:

It was wonderful to be grouped in the female adventurer category with these talented writers:

The Ormsby Review says this:

Recommended fall reading in The Province:

And this is the CBC books page:

This starred review from Foreword Reviews in the US.

“…good stories of breathtaking adventures, both beautifully crafted and enchanting.”
—Kristine Morris, Foreword Reviews

And this summer read recommendation by Focus Magazine

This one by Nexus:

Tofino author Joanna Streetly shows eye for nature in Wild Fierce Life

“With well-placed illustrations throughout, this collection is strong and compelling, but it’s also honest and fragile. Streetly walks a delicate line with such excellence that I was sad when it came time to put the book down; there is not enough literature like this collection out there today.
In Wild Fierce Life, Streetly is fearless in telling us her perceived shortcomings with nature, although those shortcomings more than make up for themselves in her elegant, transcendent, and captivating words.”

The Tofino Booklaunch was a spellbinding evening of off-the-cuff storytelling by locals.

“There are moments that define you. Dangerous moments when a split-second decision can mean life or death. When, as Wild Fierce Life’s author Joanna Streetly explains, it is almost like you are two beings: a body committed to action and a mind racing back and forth across existential questions. “Death’s beautiful secret lay before me, tantalizingly unexplored,” she read to a rapt crowd at her recent book launch. “But my father had always taught me to fight.”

—Erin McMullan, The Westerly News