This Dark

This Dark
is a collection of haiku by Joanna Streetly.


On December 1st,  a sold-out crowd experienced a dramatic performance of these Haiku
created and choreographed by Joanna Streetly, Jan Brubacher and Therese Bouchard,
with sound effects by Jan Janzen.


This Dark    

This dark will either
swallow me whole, or  lift me
starwards,    light as air.



Like seed pearls   moon-spilt
beads of light skitter and dance
salt water ignites.


Wolf  I

Wolf, a dappled ghost
you  glide  through  tree-shadowed  sand
lay tracks in my mind.



The sand  stretches  out
naked as never before
Spring tides reveal all


Wolf  II

Wolf,   like a mirage
you shimmer to sudden life
and likewise,  vanish


Tuff City Truths

Walking the alleys
I know the puddles  by heart
and the drunks  by name



Clouds mass on the peaks
darkening snow-streaked mountains
I dream   of warm skin



Shrieking skeins of geese
piercing layers of clouds and sky
small as ants,   but loud!



The trees reflect past
warmth.   Give back summer,  leaf by
incandescent leaf.


Full Moon Over Water

Silver water moonway
we follow your beckoning
take the lighted path









Joanna Streetly