Between Interruptions

Between Interruptions
30 Women Tell The Truth About Motherhood

Edited by Cori Howard
Key Porter 2007

Between Interruptions asks what becomes of us when our children’s lives interrupt our own. What prayers, what cries, what taboo thoughts are suddenly left unspoken? Marina Jimenez struggles with her decision to return to her job as a journalist—in a war zone. Carrie-Anne Moss lets us into her home during her self-imposed, forty-day seclusion after the birth of her first son. Chantal Kreviazuk learns to surrender to the limitations of motherhood. Joanna Streetly struggles to find a balance between protecting and letting go. Elizabeth Renzetti and Karrina Onstad search for friends in mommyland. And Estee Klar-Wolfond finds perfection in autism. Provocative, funny and honest, Between Interruptions highlights the differences and similarities between mothers today and generations past. It is, without a doubt, a conversation worth having.


“Two of my favourite pieces are Tofino-based writer Joanna Streetly’s beautifully written essay on the difficult decision to give up her isolated float home after her baby is born, and Globe and Mail columnist Elizabeth Renzetti’s funny piece on trying to make mummy friends in London.

“Streetly, then living a 20-minute boat ride from Tofino in Clayoquot Sound, becomes obsessed with thoughts of her baby falling overboard. “As if it is my duty, I visit the dark water in my mind’s eye every night before I fall asleep,” she writes. “For a person who has never been particularly fearful, this is a new experience.”

–Times Colonist

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