Paddling Through Time

Paddling Through Time
A Kayaking Journey Through Clayoquot Sound
Written by Joanna Streetly
Photographs by Adrian Dorst
Raincoast Books 2000

Part of the Raincoast Journeys Series, this book uses a seven day journey by kayak as a means to examine the natural and cultural history of Clayoquot Sound. Join writer Joanna Streetly and photographer Adrian Dorst as they travel through this stunning landscape and delve into its secrets.

“Streetly invests such forthright passion in her writing that the book single handedly announces itself, and its publisher as a real expert on the subject of local history and ecology. The best compliment to be made for Paddling Through Time is that it’s an important piece of work that doesn’t feel like work to read.”
–CD Syndicated Radio

“You have the benefit of all Joanna’s knowledge of kayaking, natural history, first nations culture and white settlers’ beginnings. Somehow she weaves it all together in a smorgasboard of rich description and information, knowledge and wisdom.”
Gulf Island Gazette

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