Silent Inlet

Silent Inlet
by Joanna Streetly
Oolichan Books 2005


This novel brings the west coast to light through the voices of four people: a First Nations man and his nephew; a white woman and her daughter. As their lives increasingly intertwine, misunderstandings bring them to the brink of tragedy. Their story, of connections gained and lost, of the tensile strength of family and community, of the volatility of racism, is one that will linger and provoke for years to come.

Lonny, a ten-year old boy, absorbs the conflict as the adults he loves seek to understand one another—and sometimes fail. His daring attempt to set things to rights is a terrible risk. This is a story that will pull you in and keep you turning the pages—a raw portrait of life on the west coast.


“Joanna Streetly’s unerring sense of place is one of the strengths of the novel, along with her sensitive exploration of the ambivalent feelings between mother and daughter.”
BC Bookworld

“It’s engaging and the characters are genuine.”
Times Colonist

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