When I Find William

When I Find William by Joanna Streetly Westerly News (Written after the disappearance of an eight-year old boy from a beach in Tofino. He was presumed to be swept out to sea when an extensive search failed to find him.) When I find William he is standing on my street in a misty orange pool […]

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Water In My Blood

Water In My Blood by Joanna Streetly Women & Environment international magazine I. Iere Village, Trinidad 1975 Wet season, dry season, cricket season, kite season I knew their names, their signs knew the smell of the first rain danced in it with my brother by the giant mahogany shirts no longer damp with sweat held […]

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The White Road

The White Road by Joanna Streetly Winner of the More Than Just Mud Poetry Contest Westerly News I cannot write the silence, the sharpsmooth surface of liquid, reflecting night beneath me, slicing away into unconcealed darkness, until Mount Colnett reaches up skywards etching the breathing back of a whale against pale stars. The tide is […]

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